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Mindful Movement Systems™

Dynamic applications of the Feldenkrais Method

Mindful Movement Systems™ the Feldenkrais Way is a dynamic approach to health, learning and self-discovery based on the work developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, who was a physicist, engineer and judo master. Sharing theseIMG_0745 revolutionary methods of Awareness Through Movement® (verbally directed lessons) and Functional Integration® (individual hands-on lessons) is truly amazing. During my practice of 23 years. I have seen my students benefit profoundly and my life has been enriched in more ways than I can describe.

This process of "learning how to learn" through Mindful Movement Systems™  is phenomenal. Learning to move without pain, learning to enhance sports activities, or learning to play a musical instrument more fluidly can be easy and enjoyable. Actually, all activities can be improved in all ages of people. Babies and small children with neurological disorders such as CP can improve rolling, sitting and walking. Elderly people, can regain balance and grace. Imagine yourself doing all that you do with less effort and greater ease; that is what the Feldenkrais Method has to offer.

This dynamic systems approach of integrating physical, emotional, intellectual and social behavior creates higher functioning in every aspect of our lives. The transformation from pain to comfort, from self-criticism to self-acceptance, from self-doubt to confidence is powerful. A deeper understanding of oneself, acceptance for others as well as appreciation of the integral world that we live in is deeply experienced through the practice of the Feldenkrais Method.

To get started with the Feldenkrais Method, you may listen to recorded CD's, 'Awareness Through Movement' lessons, attend a workshop, or call me for an individual hands-on Functional Integration lesson.

Call for guidance regarding how to use Feldenkrais Method for your benefit or for your loved ones.

I am in San Diego County and teach courses in many locations.

Sincerely, Donna Ray - Feldenkrais Method Certified Trainer

“To make the impossible possible, the possible easy and the easy elegant” Moshe Feldenkrais

If you are interested in participating in a three and a half year long (160 days) Feldenkrais Teacher Training Program please Contact Us for more information

Check out the various series of exercise CD available from us: Meditation; Yoga Series; Sex Series; Improving your Game Series

Benefits of The Feldenkrais Method through Mindful Movement Systems™


Improve posture, flexibility and coordination


Ease chronic pain and fatigue


Enhance emotional and physical well-being


Help overcome and avoid injuries


Reduce stress


Learn how to learn, effectively and pleasurably


Refine skills for athletes, musicians and dancers


Create vitality and rejuvenation


Learn to move with flexibility and grace


Study 7,000 movements of the human body


Enhance your sensuality and sexuality


Increase self confidence


Develop self awareness, attention and thinking ability


Increase self esteem and enhance your relationships


Explore how movement, psychology, and the brain interrelate


Regain child-like openness, creativity, and spontaneity

Pregnancy program, easy birthing and natural baby care  Enjoy comfort throughout pregnancy, and prepare for an efficient birth experience. Become familiar with natural movement and baby development so that you can relax and enjoy your infant.


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